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Online Loan 24 hours Sri Lanka ᐈ How to compare and choose the best offer? 23.03.2023

Online Loan 24 hours Sri Lanka ᐈ How to compare and choose the best offer?

Online lending is not just another type of loan. It is a new way of borrowing money that has emerged in recent years. The benefits of an online loan 24 hours are many and varied, but the main benefit is that you can take out a short-term loan without going through the hassle of visiting a bank.
Win a FREE Loan from CashX! 02.03.2023

Win a FREE Loan from CashX!

Welcome the New Year with CashX! Wishing you and your loved ones happiness, good health, and prosperity in the New Year. Getting the online loan is easy and gifts for you! lanka - How to get a fast loan online? 24.02.2023 lanka - How to get a fast loan online?

CashX lanka is a simple and quick solution to financial problems from the comfort of your home in just 5 minutes! You can get a loan amount up to Rs 50,000. The money will be instantly transferred to your account. You will need only ID number. With Cash X lanka you can prolong your loan at any time!
How to find out the amount of debt on the loan: 5 easy ways 22.02.2023

How to find out the amount of debt on the loan: 5 easy ways

You can find out the amount of debt on your loan by checking your loan statement, contacting your lender directly, or using a loan calculator. Reviewing your credit report or payment history can also provide you with an estimate of your outstanding balance.
Gost Finance Sri Lanka

Gost Finance Sri Lanka Online Loans
loan offer: online loans in Sri Lanka to bank account
loan amount: from Rs.15,000 to Rs.60,000
loan period: 122 days for first loan and 183 days for repeat loan
interest rate: 0.01-365%/year
loan decision: 5-30 min
age of borrower:22-55 years old
occupation: you have to be employed
location: Sri Lanka
what are the requirements: valid National ID - NIC, mobile phone and email

Online Loan Sri Lanka ᐈ Apply Today Sinhala Rs.50000 | Gost Finance

Fast online loans Sri Lanka and urgent cash loan - best interest rates, compare, review and rate quick online loan money service. Instant cash loan.

Getting a Loans for everyone from Gost Finance Sri Lanka

Gost Finance Sri Lanka is an independent financial information site that helps you compare and select financial products with great interest rates. Our site is a money loan services or financial supermarket that combines banking/non-banking, insurance and investment offers. The service was founded in 2018. We’re not your typical finance company. Our mission is to provide the tools, information, and insight people need to navigate all of life's financial decisions. We do this through financial education and empowerment, helping you to make the smartest choices when it comes to choosing the best loan without leaving your home.

If you need money right now to solve your financial problems and want to get a easy loan, but are afraid of complicated application procedures - Gost Finance Sri Lanka can help you. We are the leading online financial solution. We appreciate the aspirations and wishes of the people of Sri Lanka who want small changes for the better. Our service will be the perfect choice for you to make getting a loan online a fast, convenient, flexible and cost-effective financial solution to all your problems.

Need to borrow money? We explore the cheapest and fastest ways to borrow.

By providing our users with up-to-date financial information, we help them find the best offer for themselves online. With the help of the "Loan Selection" function, the user only needs to specify his loan requirements, and the system will automatically select the appropriate urgent loan offer from credit companies of Sri Lankan.

Then you will need to study the terms of the loan and choose a lender among all presented on our website lending institutions of Sri Lanka and submit Loan Application. The procedure is simple and requires complex steps. Our partners (Lotus Loan, Fastrupee Loan Sinhala, and others.) are ready to offer the following Types of Loans:

As you can see, taking advantage of all the offers of companies and getting a quick loan is not at all difficult! Anyone can take a loan online to a bank account or a cash loan. For those who want to learn how to invest money with favorable conditions, we recommend that you consider profitable bank deposits, as well as other investments.

How does loan search service work?

  • Apply Online Anytime, Anywhere
  • 24 Hours a Day
  • Low Monthly Fees
  • No hidden Fees or Surprises
  • Completely Hassle-Free
  • Get Cash Now Without Leaving Home

Conditions for obtaining an online loan

Who Can Apply for Loan? Currently employed for at least 3 months and with a steady income. Online loan service - Gost Finance LK offers loan up to Rs. 50 000. Skip time-consuming queues, complicated application procedures, and long approval waiting time. We provide a simple application process - from filling our online form to sending a valid proof of identity, everything is completed with just a few clicks from your mobile device or computer at your convenience.

You are eligible to apply for a loan if you are:

  • A citizen of Sri Lanka
  • Residing in Sri Lanka
  • Age 20 to 60 years old
  • Currently employed, or have a steady income
  • The telephone number you will use in the application should be registered in your name.
  • You need to include a photo of your National Identity Card, Passport, or Driving License to verify your identity.

Some individuals who have poor credit, no credit, or a bankruptcy background find it hard to apply for loans both for short term and the long term. Online payday loans give these people a chance to avail of loans despite their credit history. In order to avoid denial of applications, you have to provide only true and correct personal information.

What documents do You need to apply

You will be required to complete an online application form and for verification purposes submit images of the front side of the national identity card, the back side, the selfie with the NIC or the front side of the driver's license and the selfie with the DL. Read more - How to Apply for a Loan?

How to extend the repayment amount

If you want to extend the period, you can extend the service charge for another 30 days by paying the service charge for the period you have obtained, which will extend your loan for another 30 days and you will be charged 45% of the remaining amount.

If you have already been charged a late fee, you will be able to extend the service by paying the service charge and the relevant delay fee by 30 days. This will extend your loan for another 30 days, with a 45% service charge on the balance.

Loan Repayment

Your payment schedule will be written in your contract. Our specialist will also inform you about the repayment dates. On top of that you will receive an SMS before each repayment date so you won’t miss it and avoid unnecessary penalties.You can repay your loan any time before the last payment date. Read more about the Payment Methods.

Debt relief advice you can read in our news section. Remember that repaid the loan on time will favorably affect your credit rating. If the loan is not repaid on time, your credit history will be transferred to the Credit Information Bureau. If you cannot repay your loan debt, we recommend that you contact a credit company with a test to carry out debt restructuring.

Some lenders allow frequent borrowers to extend their loans but this only means added cost on your part. If you do decide to apply for a online loan, you have to pay it on time so that you will not waste any more money on the interests. Emergency loans online are indeed helpful but only in urgent situations. Never apply for a loan is you’re just going to spend the money unwisely. This is not a good idea because of the very high interest charges the loan carries.

GostFinance Sri Lanka is not a lender, loan broker or agent for any lender or loan broker. We are an advertising referral service to qualified participating lenders that may be able to provide amounts between Rs.2000 and Rs.50,000. Not all lenders can provide up to Rs.50,000 and there is no guarantee that you will be accepted by an independent, participating lender. For details, questions or concerns regarding your loan please contact your lender directly. Only your lender can provide you with information about your specific loan terms, their current rates and charges, renewal, payments and the implications for non-payment or skipped payments.

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Get an Online Loan in Sri Lanka - Frequently Asked Questions

Online Loan Requirements: Who Can Apply for Loan?

You are eligible to apply for a loan if you are:

  • ✅ Any Sri Lankan citizen;
  • ✅ Residing in Sri Lanka;
  • ✅ Aged between 20 - 60 years old;
  • ✅ The applicant has to submit a government-issued identity card (NIC).
Can I apply for the loan online without visiting the branch?

This is exactly what we offer – fully online process. You can apply online or call us.

Loan with no Interest: How much can i get for my first loan?

Offers loans of Rs.1000 to 30,000 with no interest on the first loan. There is no interest charge for the 1st time applicants. The only requirement is proof of identity and income.

How to apply online for a loan?

All our partners have differences when applying for a loan, but there are also general conditions, usually these are: you will have to complete the online application form and for verification purposes submit images of National ID card frontside, Backside, Selfie Holding NIC or Front side of Driving License and Selfie holding the DL

How much is the fee for my loan?

Prior to applying for a loan you can check the full repayment amount of your loan through loan calculator. All fees will be clearly display to you before you take a loan. You will be charged a service fee per day when you obtain a loan from according to the repayment date selected. There will be no additional fees incurred if you pay on or before the due date.

How long does it take to receive money after applying for a loan?

Once you have applied for the online loan and its approved, within 10 minutes your money will be credited to your bank account. Usually process all applications within 10minutes, but in the event of a large influx of customers, it may take longer to process your application. Then everything depends on your bank.

Repayment Channels: Ways I can pay off the loan?

Our partners have tied up with an array of merchants island-wide to make repayments easy and convenient for you. You can make over the counter payments, online payments, Kiosk payments and use certain apps as well. You can visit menu "REPAYMENT" to find out our island-wide payment networks.

What if I have been denied the loan?

If you are of legal age and have always made credit payments on time, there may have been an error. Try once more to fill out and send the application. The more personal data you indicate, the greater the chance that your application will be approved.