About LK.Gost.Finance

Gost Finance Sri Lanka is a free online service for searching and comparing loan conditions among microfinance institutions and banks in Sri Lanka. All presented loan offers on our website are always up-to-date.

Daily updated database allows you to deliver accurate information to your users in a timely manner: loan conditions, interest rates, borrower reviews, contact information, documents, licenses and other useful data. We indicate and disclose all hidden and additional payments that many credit organizations “forget” to indicate.

The pledge of a profitable loan on the Internet lies in the correct approach to submitting up-to-date information on loan conditions, modern software solutions allow you to spend a minimum of your time when applying for a loan. We receive and analyze information directly from financial institutions in your region, which allows us to provide the most accurate data for comparing loan conditions.

We can help you save time, effort and money. Instead of looking for the best loan in the boundless space of the Internet, you can quickly and easily find all the necessary information in one place with maximum comfort - on our Gost Finance Sri Lanka online service. Let us help you find the best financial solution for you!

Our team

Our Gost Finance Sri Lanka service began its work in 2018 so that any Sri Lankan could find the best conditions for a future loan. The ease of submitting information helps you quickly decide for yourself where to get a loan on a card online or in cash.

Processing a large amount of information, our team is working 24/7 so that our users can apply for an online loan in Sri Lanka safely and without any risk to themselves. Our team consists of professionals who love their craft. We have excellent experience in the field of lending. Striving for the best result, we are always aware of everything that happens in the microcredit market in Sri Lanka. Our many years of experience help our clients solve any financial issue.

Gost Finance Sri Lanka in Numbers

20 thousand

Monthly requests to us for service

12 thousand

Processed applications per month

30 million

Rupees were issued by partners for all time

82 percent

Average approval rate

15 minutes

Average lead time

24 /7

We work online

What our project is about

We always have the most up-to-date information about everything what is happening in the loan market in Sri Lanka.

Here you will find a large catalog of lenders with detailed information on loan conditions. The site contains a large number of real reviews left by borrowers about the work of credit organizations. In addition to the usual loans from lenders, we offer loans from individuals.

In order to improve financial literacy, a section "News" has been created on our website. Here, anyone who wants to gain new knowledge will be able to find comprehensive information about how the lending market in Sri Lanka is developing, about banking services and investments. Useful articles on a variety of topics that worries each of us. How to get a safe loan on the Internet and not fall for scammers. How to pay off debt and improve your life. Information about communal services and subsidies. What to give for a wedding and is it necessary to lend money? See how interesting it is? Stay with us and stay up to date with all the events!

Our Commitments

We make it easy to find information about online loans among financial institutions in your city

We strive to provide an easy information service that saves time and money

We do not require your personal data, and using our service is completely free

We are independent and impartial to all credit institutions located on our website

The purpose of our service is to do everything possible for your convenience in finding a profitable loan and always provide accurate information about the terms of credit. We are interested in your financial well-being and do not support any credit institution. Please remember that all information on our website is for informational purposes only. We strongly recommend getting advice from the manager of the credit institution you have chosen to apply for a loan before you decide to apply for a loan.