Cash Loans in Sri Lanka

Get Cash Loan with lowest interest rates in Sri Lanka! Apply Today for an Instant Cash Loans up to Rs.50000 with 0%! Easy Approval.

If you find yourself in a situation where you urgently need money, and there is nowhere to take it, then do not worry! Our service will be able to help you right now and give you a cash loan. You should not be ashamed if you are faced with a financial problem. Borrowing money will be the fastest and easiest solution for getting funds, especially if you do not have an emergency fund. Gost Finance is a modern technological innovation in the financial sector that will make the process of obtaining a cash loan convenient and easy.

Best Lenders for Cash Loans

0% for first loan
Lotus Loan

Lotus Loan to Rs.40 000

Loan Amount 10000 - 40000 Rs.
Loan period 10 days to 122 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 12%)

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0% for first loan

RoboCash to Rs.25 000

Loan Amount 5000 - 25000 Rs.
Loan period 120 days to 180 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 180%)

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0% for first loan

FastRupee to Rs.50 000

Loan Amount 3000 - 50000 Rs.
Loan period 1 days to 180 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 365%)

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What is the loan term?

  • Minimum loan term: 122 days
  • Maximum loan term: 122 days for first loan
  • Maximum loan term: 182 days for repeat loan

The loan is calculated as follows

  • Loan amount: RS 30.000
  • Loan period: 122 days
  • Consulting fee: RS 3.600
  • Service fee: RS 13.920
  • Interest rate (12% / year) : RS 754
  • Total payment: RS 48.274

Am I eligible for a loan?

You are eligible to apply for a loan if you are:
  • A citizen of Sri Lanka
  • Residing in Sri Lanka
  • Between the ages of 20 to 65 years old
  • Currently employed or generating a steady income

What is a Cash Loan?

A cash loan is a certain amount of money that has been borrowed from a third party. This is usually a small amount that is repayable over a short period of time with interest. As a rule, such a loan is given for several weeks or months. Such Instant Cash Loans are unsecured loans. This means that the borrower draws up the necessary amount on credit without collateral. Therefore, in the absence of collateral, the lender will ask for a higher interest rate.

Consider the positive features of cash loans are:

  1. Minimal documentation required
  2. Comparatively low in value
  3. Quick approval loans
  4. No collateral required
  5. Short repayment period
  6. Higher interest

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When should I take out a cash loan?

A cash loan should be considered when you urgently need cash today. Because getting a personal loan will take you too long. In any case, you must understand that the reason for applying for a loan must be valid, not frivolous. GostFinance advises you to apply to our loan selection service so as not to contact your friends and family, asking them to lend you cash, and no one will know that you are in a difficult financial situation.

What are the reasons to take a Cash Loan?

You can have many different reasons for taking out a cash loan. Here are some of them:

  • Repairs to your property that cannot be put off (electrical or plumbing problems, leaking roofs, etc.)
  • Various Unexpected Urgent Circumstances
  • Pay outstanding utility bills
  • Friends or family are having a holiday and you don't have money for a gift
  • Car or motorcycle broken down and need money for repairs

Gost Finance Loans

How to get a cash loan from GostFinance?

Getting an instant cash loan is very easy. To do this, you will need to study the proposed conditions for a loan from our partners and choose the most suitable for you. On our website, lending institutions offer instant lending services with various interest rates and repayment methods. Once you have chosen to make your choice of lender, you will need to fill out an application form on the site and provide the required information and documentation. The entire application process takes place online, giving you maximum convenience and ease of access. You don't have to go anywhere and go. You can apply at home, sitting on the couch. The lender will then evaluate your application and make a loan decision. If the application is approved and a positive decision is made on the loan, then the money will be credited to your bank account in a very short period of time. Agree that it is not difficult at all!

What do you need to get an instant cash loan?

As we said, the actual process of applying for a cash loan is quite simple, but requires minimal steps from you.

Usually, lenders make the following demands:

  1. The borrower must be over 18 or 21
  2. The borrower must have a regular source of income
  3. No need to provide pay slips or proof of income
  4. Mobile phone number must be registered in the name of the borrower
  5. Photo of your national ID.
  6. Photo of yourself (even a selfie will do) and

Having received this information, the manager of the company will check it by calling you by phone and will give you a decision to issue a loan or not, having studied your credit history. If your credit history satisfies the company, then your application will be approved, and after a few hours, you will receive cash.

Lender Loans

Choosing the Best Money-Lender

Currently, there are a large number of various credit companies that are ready to issue instant cash loans. Such a large selection makes it difficult for many borrowers to choose the best lender. Lenders include not only banks and financial institutions, but also private and licensed credit companies offering the same services. Also on the lending market there are unlicensed, unregistered private companies and individuals who offer predatory lending services - usurers. We advise you to avoid them at all costs as they charge special interest rates and may use illegal debt collection methods.

What a borrower should pay attention to when choosing a lender:

  • License. The lenders who operate legally will be licensed by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka
  • Registered company. Any legally operating credit company must be registered as a credit company.
  • Reviews about a credit institution. We recommend that you check mentions of the lender on social networks and ask for customer reviews. Keep in mind that many people leave negative reviews online and positive ones are rare. So try to find testimonials from people you know in real life.
  • Terms and conditions. All conditions must be clearly stated. Avoid any lender that doesn't ask you to agree to the terms you read before you sign.
  • Loan interest rates. Try to find and choose the best lender who is willing to offer the lowest interest rate.
  • Convenience of using the service. Check out how easy it is to make payments. How quickly did you get the information from them. What are the options for adjusting the terms of the loan if you need help during the repayment period.

Cash Loans Personal Loans Woman

Cash Loans vs Personal Loans

Cash Loans

Personal Loans

Short application processing time Long application processing time
Minimum documentation required for a loan Many documents and certificates required for a loan
Short maturity Short and long maturity
No collateral is required from the borrower In different cases, collateral is required from the borrower
No guarantor is required for a loan A guarantor is required in different cases
Small loan amount Large loan available
High interest rates Low interest rates
The lender bears the risk The borrower bears the risk

How to improve your chances of getting a loan?

Before granting you a loan, any lender will examine your credit history to assess your ability to pay. The lender will be interested in whether you can be trusted and whether you can repay your loan in full and on time. If you have a bad credit history, you may be denied or approved, but for a smaller amount to start with. But don't worry! There are a couple of tips for you on how to improve your credit score:

  • You can borrow a small amount and repay it on time, thereby proving to the lender that you can be trusted and that you can increase the credit limit.
  • Close all your outstanding loans. This is especially true for credit card debt.
  • Check your credit history and try to pay off any outstanding payments.
  • If you have any late payments, try to make regular minimum payments on each of them.
  • We recommend using only 30% of the total credit limit available to you.

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What happens if the loan is not repaid on time?

We do not want anyone to get into such a situation as the inability to repay a loan. But what if you realize you can't pay back your loan? First of all, you need to contact your lender and discuss the situation with them. If your lender can develop a newer payment plan for you, then you will be more able to repay the loan. Lenders such as Lotus Loan, Fast Rupee, OnCredit and others are always ready to negotiate payment methods in favor of possible debt repayment.

But what happens if you are completely unable to repay your instant cash loan? Most likely, the following events will await you:

  1. The interest rate and late fees will increase as you delay payments.
  2. Surely, after some time, the loan company will refer your case to a debt collection agency; these collection agencies will resort to more aggressive and sometimes unethical methods of collecting money.
  3. Your credit score will go down, which will affect your loans and finances in the future.
  4. The final stage of this process may culminate in a subpoena. Although it is likely that most lenders will not want to go down this path, preferring to receive payments later if possible and offer you a loan refinance

Instant cash loans

Instant cash loans are the perfect solution for anyone in financial difficulty. It is very important to remember that a loan should not be viewed as a normal form of financial assistance. You need to take a loan only when there is no other solution to financial problems. If you find that you take out cash loans every month, then this indicates that you urgently need to reconsider your monthly expenses. One unexpected extra expense can bring your fragile financial situation into a state of collapse and leave you reeling. To prevent this from happening, read how to manage your budget in times of crisis and then financial problems will not affect you.

FAQ - Cash Loans

How do I get the money

You will receive the money into your bank account that you provided in the application form. Once we transfer the money we will inform you with an SMS.

What can I use the money for❓

It’s up to you how to spend this money. We are helping you with any plan you have in mind to improve your life or to resolve a problem.

Any prerequisites before applying for a loan❓

You won’t need to submit any personal documents. Just have the following details ready when you apply: Personal Information; Your bank account details.

How long does it take to receive the money from the loan application❓

Generally, once your loan is approved upon verification, within 2 hours your money will be credited to your Bank account provided in the application process.

When is my loan due❓

You can check when your loan is due during the application process, or upon approval you will receive an email with the agreement attached which will state the loan due date. If you are still in trouble finding it, you may reach us through our general line or general email for details.