Everything you need to know about instant cash loans online in Sri Lanka 2022

Financial concerns in Sri Lanka have risen sharply as the global economy has slowly but surely collapsed. Revenue is limited and spending is higher than ever, with commodity prices soaring in recent times. Debt-ridden people are finding it difficult to repay, and other parts of the country are struggling to make ends meet.

Personal Loans - Best Lenders of Sri Lanka

0% for first loan
Lotus Loan

Lotus Loan to Rs.40 000

Loan Amount 10000 - 40000 Rs.
Loan period 10 days to 122 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 12%)

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0% for first loan

RoboCash to Rs.25 000

Loan Amount 5000 - 25000 Rs.
Loan period 120 days to 180 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 180%)

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0% for first loan

FastRupee to Rs.50 000

Loan Amount 3000 - 50000 Rs.
Loan period 1 days to 180 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 365%)

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What is the loan term?

  • Minimum loan term: 122 days
  • Maximum loan term: 122 days for first loan
  • Maximum loan term: 182 days for repeat loan

The loan is calculated as follows

  • Loan amount: RS 30.000
  • Loan period: 122 days
  • Consulting fee: RS 3.600
  • Service fee: RS 13.920
  • Interest rate (12% / year) : RS 754
  • Total payment: RS 48.274

Am I eligible for a loan?

You are eligible to apply for a loan if you are:
  • A citizen of Sri Lanka
  • Residing in Sri Lanka
  • Between the ages of 20 to 65 years old
  • Currently employed or generating a steady income

If you've ever had a financial crisis, you will understand the sense of helplessness that comes with having limited ways to get out of such a situation. Other than borrowing from a friend or getting a bank loan, there are very few options available to Sri Lankans when you need to get an instant cash loan. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person. While we are willing to do so. Demand for this specialty has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals.

What is an instant cash loan?

Instant cash loan is a cash loan facility where customers can borrow money and request cash immediately. Instant cash loans in Sri Lanka have become extremely popular in the last few years. Originally offered by small private finance lending companies, now large commercial banks have also begun to lend for instant cash. The uniqueness of instant cash loans is their speed and convenience, making them the best solution when someone needs an instant cash loan.

The main benefits of instant cash loans

Instant cash loans in Sri Lanka are one of the most popular financing tools for a major market segment. In addition to their unmatched speed, instant cash loans have a number of benefits that make them one of the most lucrative new services offered by finance companies.


As the name implies, instant cash loans are the quickest way you can borrow money from a legitimate lender. With a very easy application process and a user-friendly platform, it only takes a few minutes to submit your loan request. Approval (or rejection) is done by looking at your credit report and relationship with the lender and it only takes a few minutes. After approval, you will usually have the money deposited in your bank account in as little as thirty minutes. No other lending mechanism can match this speed.


When people think about borrowing money from a lender, the thought becomes boring. Financial transactions are usually referred to as one of the most difficult transactions that require tons of paperwork and multiple visits. Instant money lenders have completely changed this by offering instant cash loans over the internet, where customers can apply and get instant cash through the website or mobile app. This means you can apply (and get) a quick cash loan online at any time of the day, without leaving your home.


Instant cash lenders do not need much paperwork from a commercial bank; This means no more letters, payrolls or educational credentials from employers. You can now apply for an instant cash loan in Sri Lanka with your past credit history. Unless you have a significant weak credit history, you will most likely approve an instant cash loan online. Moreover, if you have a fairly good record of your past dealings with instant cash lenders, you can also ignore a deep credit history. This makes instant cash loans a very reliable source of money when you are in a difficult situation.


Due to the advanced technological innovations in the world of Fintech, instant cash loans over the internet have the best user interfaces on their online platforms. Many customers - even first-time borrowers or even adults - will be able to easily navigate the website or mobile app due to the step-by-step process. Very little paperwork is required (often just a photo of you and your NIC) and the best instant cash loan applications are available in multilingual languages with instructions at every step.

Short term

Unlike traditional bank loans which not only take weeks to process but also have a minimum repayment period of at least six months, instant cash loan repayment periods in Sri Lanka start from a few weeks. These short-term instant cash loans are best suited to meet your acute financial needs and ensure that you get out of debt as quickly as possible.

Instant cash loan types

People use loans for instant cash for most of their needs and wants. Thus, instant lenders offer different types of instant cash loans for different purposes.

Salary Advance

Salary Advance is one of the most popular instant cash loans available online in Sri Lanka. Everyone knows the feeling of running out of money a few days before the paycheck. A short-term instant cash loan is best suited for financing your needs in the days before your payday, when it will be paid off as soon as you receive your paycheck.

Medical Loan

A medical emergency is an emergency that requires a large amount of money and can occur at any time and place. When you need instant cash to pay your hospital bills, you can apply anywhere in the country in as little as 30 minutes and at any time of the day to withdraw money to your account.

Student Loans

Sri Lanka is a country where you need higher education to improve your life, with better jobs and career aspirations than those with educational qualifications. As education in Sri Lanka has become a legal industry, instant cash loans for students have become popular to help parents or self-funded students pay their tuition or exam fees on time.

Business Loans

Almost all entrepreneurs will have to fight a lot with banks to get funding to manage or expand their business. Banks are notoriously tied to business loans. As a result, many entrepreneurs turn to instant cash loans to finance their business ventures, either as working capital or to finance business expansion.

Utility Bill Loans

Utility bills are one of the most critical costs, but many people tend to neglect to pay on time or in full. Once you receive a red notice of termination of service, you should hurry to pay the minimum amount to avoid major inconvenience. Instant money lenders now offer utility bill loans for just that.

Personal Loan

You can now apply for instant cash loans and personal loans online in Sri Lanka to finance any amount of your needs and requirements. Instant personal loans can be used for critical home repairs, debt settlement, once in a lifetime vacation and anything else you need to get instant cash.

Do you need an instant cash loan?

Although there are many unbreakable benefits to online instant cash loans in Sri Lanka, it is best to opt for them only if your requirements meet all of the following criteria:

Urgent: If you want to get instant cash in one day (or less), this type of loan is more suitable as no other cash loan facility can match its speed. If you have a few weeks to raise money, consider all your other borrowing options and choose the most appropriate one.

Critical: Instant cash loans in Sri Lanka often come with high interest rates and other associated fees (service charges, late payment fees, etc.), so if your need is not extremely critical, it does not justify the overall cost of instant cash. Online credit.

There is no other option: Remember that getting a quick cash loan should not be your choice when you run out of money. You always have credit card and other options ranging from overdrafts to friends and family.

How do I get an instant cash loan in Sri Lanka?

Surely anyone can apply for an instant cash loan in Sri Lanka. Most instant money lenders take on the burden of repaying the loan themselves (hence the associated increase in fees) which means you do not need to provide your income or any assets as collateral. You can select your seller, register and apply. If you approve, you will most likely receive your money within a day.

(Note: You must be of legal age to register and have a National Identity Card, Bank Account and Telephone Number)

What can I spend instant cash funds on?

You are free to invest your instant cash for anything. Some of the things that people get instant cash loans are:

  • Medical Emergencies, Hospital Bills and Laboratory Expenses
  • Tuition fees such as school fees, college tuition, textbooks.
  • Holidays & Vacations
  • Weddings
  • Buying, Building, Renovating or Renovating Homes
  • Vehicle Purchase
  • Debt settlement

Features and Benefits of Instant Cash Loans from Gost Finance

GostFinance is one of the most preferred instant cash lenders in Sri Lanka. Gost Finance, which entered the local market a few years ago, has quickly amassed a very loyal customer base. Some of the unique features and benefits of instant cash loans offered by GostFinance are distinguished from other parts of the playing field:

  • Fastest instant cash loan: Due to its formal approval process, user-friendly digital platform and minimal document requirements, Gost Finance is one of the few instant cash lenders in Sri Lanka that can issue instant cash loans in 1 hour. Less.
  • Extremely personal and secure: Gost Finance has invested heavily in data protection mechanisms to ensure that the personal and financial information of their customers is kept safe and secure from hackers or data leaks.
  • The introduction of instant cash loans over the internet in Sri Lanka has benefited countless people across the country, from protecting their homes and livelihoods to improving their living standards. Now there are a number of instant cash lenders for anyone who needs instant cash to choose the best one with the least hassle and maximum convenience.

FAQ - Instant Cash Loans Online

How do I get the money

You will receive the money into your bank account that you provided in the application form. Once we transfer the money we will inform you with an SMS.

What can I use the money for❓

It’s up to you how to spend this money. We are helping you with any plan you have in mind to improve your life or to resolve a problem.

Any prerequisites before applying for a loan❓

You won’t need to submit any personal documents. Just have the following details ready when you apply: Personal Information; Your bank account details.

How long does it take to receive the money from the loan application❓

Generally, once your loan is approved upon verification, within 2 hours your money will be credited to your Bank account provided in the application process.

When is my loan due❓

You can check when your loan is due during the application process, or upon approval you will receive an email with the agreement attached which will state the loan due date. If you are still in trouble finding it, you may reach us through our general line or general email for details.