An egg in Sri Lanka is already 50 rupees

By the upcoming holiday season, the price of one egg in the market can reach up to 50 rupees. Ajith Gunasekara, President of the All Island Poultry Association, says the country's egg production has fallen by about 40%.

"The shortage of poultry feed and adverse weather conditions have had a negative impact on the poultry industry. Small poultry farms have already closed, and chickens have been sold for months. The reason for the decrease in egg production is the removal of small farmers from production. The reason for this is that the profit is less due to the increase in the cost of production."

The current market price for eggs is Rs 30-33. Mr Gunasekera says intermediaries buy eggs for Rs. Which is tempting to sell at 38 - 40. It is known that due to high demand during the holiday season, the price of an egg is likely to rise significantly.