Gift Ideas: Sinhala & Tamil New Year 

The Sinhalese and Tamil New Year is the biggest holiday in Sri Lanka. Many people want to return to their hometowns to celebrate with their family and relatives and give gifts. It is very important to make gifts to your whole family on this day, so the Sinhalese and Tamil New Year is a big expense item in the family budget. Everyone who celebrates this holiday faces a lot of money every year, but many still ask themselves: "Where can I find money for New Year's gifts?"

We will try to alleviate your financial difficulties this holiday week. In this article, we will briefly talk about gift ideas in Sri Lanka and how to manage money for gifts.

The Sinhalese New Year is celebrated in the second week of April, it is very inconvenient between salary dates, which makes many people feel helpless as their families expect gifts from them. Due to the stressful nature of this season, it is simply impossible to depend on money borrowed from friends and family. Wage loans come to the rescue here.

Financial institutions, such as our site, offer the opportunity to borrow money online for several hours to strictly settle them after receiving a salary (along with a service fee commission). This new way of making money online has become very popular among young people, especially given the current economic situation, when salaries barely cover costs. When the time comes like the Sinhalese New Year, the situation worsens.

When you are quick to borrow money online from us, one of the advantages is that some stores will have better deals when you pay in cash rather than on credit. You can also spend the longest vacation of the year without worrying about lack of money.

Once you have the opportunity to get a loan online, you can worry about what gifts to buy. Here are some New Year's gift ideas in Sri Lanka.

The simplest New Year's gift ideas in Sri Lanka

1. Clothing

This is the most common Sinhalese Christmas gift, and it has become even more feasible due to the fact that almost all major clothing stores offer seasonal discounts, which means that you can save money on budget gifts. Gifts in the form of blouses, shirts, sarongs, dresses, etc. are highly valued and almost expected. However, if you are worried about choosing the right size or style, you can read on.

2. Towels and bed linen

Towels and bed linen are another important element of Sinhalese Christmas presents. You can never have too many towels in case of visitors, and that could be better than starting the new year with new pillows and sheets.

3. Home appliances

Another very desirable gift idea for the Sinhalese New Year holidays, people never run out of useful appliances. Some options: electric kettles and ordinary kettles of different sizes, deep fryers, thermoses, rice cookers, blenders, juicers, toasters, waffle irons, non-stick frying pans - the list is endless. Again, this season most major electronics stores will have discounts and sales.

4. Toys

Don't forget about the children! If you come to your hometown after a while, it is likely that one or two of your relatives have small children whom you do not see often, and you risk forgetting about them altogether. Children will never have enough toys, so make sure you choose enough toys for everyone.

While the thought of getting into debt over a holiday such as the Sinhalese New Year may seem strange to some, for others it is a time to celebrate family love affairs, and every penny spent on it is never in vain.