Instant Online Loan for Everyone

How to get an instant online loan without problems? Often you have to think about such a question for a long time and compare many proposals. After all, obtaining a loan is always a responsible step. Our service Gost Finance Sri Lanka will help you get an instant loan without refusal online.

Best Lenders for Instant Online Loans

1 0% for first loan
Lotus Loan

Lotus Loan to Rs.80 000

Loan amount: Rs.15 000 - Rs.80 000
Loan period: 7 days to 182 days
Interest rate: 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 365%)

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2 0% for first loan

RoboCash to Rs.25 000

Loan Amount Rs.Rs.5 000 - Rs.25 000
Loan period 7 days to 180 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 365%)

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3 0% for first loan

CashX to Rs.50 000

Loan Amount Rs.5 000 - Rs.50 000
Loan period 7 days to 180 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 365%)

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4 0% for first loan

Fino to Rs.100 000

Loan Amount Rs.3 000 - Rs.100 000
Loan period 7 days to 180 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 365%)

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More Offers

What is the loan term?

  • Minimum loan term: 30 days
  • Maximum loan term: 182 days

Am I eligible for a loan?

  • A citizen and residing of Sri Lanka
  • Between the ages of 20 to 65 years old
  • Currently employed or generating a steady income

The loan is calculated as follows

  • Loan amount: RS 30.000
  • Loan period: 122 days
  • Consulting fee: RS 3.600
  • Service fee: RS 13.920
  • Interest rate (12% / year) : RS 754
  • Total payment: RS 48.274

Borrowing money from a Lenders is not uncommon. In the field of lending, every day there are more and more financial companies, so it becomes more and more difficult to choose. A loan is taken not only from people with a bad credit history, but also quite successful entrepreneurs. Instant loans are offered not only by licensed credit companies, but there are so-called "black lenders" who are ready to lend you money without documents and credit history checks. But such a loan can then end up in a big problem for you. To avoid such situations, it is important to borrow only from trusted firms and companies. Our Gost Finance service works only with reliable licensed companies from Sri Lanka.

instant online loan

Why is it difficult to take an instant online loan?

How to sort out such a large amount of information, “not lose” on the interest rate, and at the same time not stumble upon scammers? We decided to deal with this issue. Our team has developed specifically for this purpose a special service for online lending "Gost Finance Sri Lanka" to track offers from various creditor companies, for convenience in choosing them. In just a couple of minutes, you can find a suitable lender with the most favorable conditions and quickly apply for a loan online.


Instant Online Loans can be easier to arrange, especially for people with limited credit history and other financial challenges. With some payday lenders, you can even get a loan without a bank account as long as you have a prepaid card account.

Every day, competing with each other, lenders offer more and more attractive conditions for lending. Everyone wants to get more customers and therefore seeks to offer conditions more profitable than others. Tracking various promotions on LK.Gost.Finance, it is easy to choose the right option for yourself at the moment and get extra money without going broke on interest.

instant online loan

How does Gost Finance Sri Lanka work?

On our website, a team of professionals daily publishes up-to-date information on all verified creditor companies. Update our web service daily and on the main page find only the best deals, the lowest loan rates, online loans without refusal, as well as all the promotions and sweepstakes offered by our partners. Here you will also find a lot of other useful information.

Why us?

24/7 support
Our service is available anywhere to solve your financial problems 24/7

Any level of income
We guarantee loans for people with any income and a minimum of documents

Application speed
Applications are submitted online and take no more than 15-20 minutes

0% interest rate
When applying for a loan for the first time, you can take advantage of the promotional offer and take out a loan at 0.01%!

Which financial companies are our partners?

We publish only verified financial companies that have a license. All our partners have an impeccable reputation, a huge number of reviews and positive ratings. Experience in the field of microcredit is a mandatory criterion in cooperation with us. You can read customer reviews on the website of the selected lender.

Before drawing up an agreement, we recommend that you be sure to familiarize yourself with all the information of the selected company, because often they do not have the same interest on loans, depending on the terms of payment and different amounts available for payment. Our partner companies have the opportunity to pay you a loan online on a card or in cash. To do this, you do not need to stand in long queues at the bank, find a bunch of certificates, guarantors or leave a deposit. You can arrange everything without leaving your home or work office. Almost 90% of applicants receive the necessary funds the first time!


Experts recommend you have a savings account which you can use for handling unexpected financial expenses and emergencies, such as a broken arm, flat tire or hike in school tuition.

Simplicity, convenience and accessibility are the main principles of the work of such financial companies. The average speed of obtaining a loan using an online service usually does not exceed 15-30 minutes.

Specify the loan amount and term
Fill out the online application
Sign your loan agreement digitally
Get your loan

Find out the conditions, terms and methods of repayment of credit debt from a particular lender. Most often, among the methods they offer either cash payment (if there is a branch in your locality) or a cashless transfer via Internet banking using bank details or using the company's website. Therefore, before applying for a loan, we recommend that you study all the ways to repay a loan. Thus, you will not have any difficulties in paying the debt.

Please note that lending is possible only to persons who have reached the age of majority, and for some loans, and 22 years, and not older than 70 years. Don't waste time! The duration and the number of promotions and promotional codes for online loans is limited. See more: Easy Personal Loan - Gost Finance Sri Lanka

FAQ - Instant Online Loan

How do I get the money

You will receive the money into your bank account that you provided in the application form. Once we transfer the money we will inform you with an SMS.

What can I use the money for❓

It’s up to you how to spend this money. We are helping you with any plan you have in mind to improve your life or to resolve a problem.

Any prerequisites before applying for a loan❓

You won’t need to submit any personal documents. Just have the following details ready when you apply: Personal Information; Your bank account details.

How long does it take to receive the money from the loan application❓

Generally, once your loan is approved upon verification, within 2 hours your money will be credited to your Bank account provided in the application process.

When is my loan due❓

You can check when your loan is due during the application process, or upon approval you will receive an email with the agreement attached which will state the loan due date. If you are still in trouble finding it, you may reach us through our general line or general email for details.