What is the maximum amount of money available for an unsecured loan?

An unsecured loan is a loan that does not require the borrower to present assets as collateral. The unsecured borrowing process in Sri Lanka has become popular with the emergence of financial institutions (such as Gost Finance) to facilitate online unsecured borrowing.

Unsecured Loans are preferred by those who need a quick and short-term cash loan as the whole process is extremely fast and easy to complete. You can try it yourself through Gost.Finance.

Unsecured Loans - Best Lenders of Sri Lanka

0% for first loan
Lotus Loan

Lotus Loan to Rs.40 000

Loan Amount 10000 - 40000 Rs.
Loan period 10 days to 122 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 12%)

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0% for first loan

RoboCash to Rs.25 000

Loan Amount 5000 - 25000 Rs.
Loan period 120 days to 180 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 180%)

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0% for first loan

FastRupee to Rs.50 000

Loan Amount 3000 - 50000 Rs.
Loan period 1 days to 180 days
Interest Rate 0.01 to 1% per day (max APR 365%)

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What is the loan term?

  • Minimum loan term: 122 days
  • Maximum loan term: 122 days for first loan
  • Maximum loan term: 182 days for repeat loan

The loan is calculated as follows

  • Loan amount: RS 30.000
  • Loan period: 122 days
  • Consulting fee: RS 3.600
  • Service fee: RS 13.920
  • Interest rate (12% / year) : RS 754
  • Total payment: RS 48.274

Am I eligible for a loan?

You are eligible to apply for a loan if you are:
  • A citizen of Sri Lanka
  • Residing in Sri Lanka
  • Between the ages of 20 to 65 years old
  • Currently employed or generating a steady income

How Much Money Can I Make With An Unsecured Loan?

To apply for Online Unsecured Loan, you must first register. Our website with your name and your phone number. Then in the next steps you will need to provide your personal information, job details and bank account details. There is another step required to provide a photo of yourself and your National Identity Card (NIC). If you are a first time borrower, unfortunately you do not qualify for a large unsecured loan. This is because of the nature of unsecured loans. The way it works is that it calculates the customer history based on certain credit checks. Since online unsecured loans do not require collateral or proof of assets, the lender has no guarantee that you will be able to repay your loan and the risk of default is high. At Gost Finance, credit limits for a first-time borrower start at a minimum of LKR 2,000 (some companies have various first loan approvals) and can go anywhere from LKR 2,000 to LKR 50,000, which can be repaid in four months with a fixed monthly payment. That it should not be even a day late. However, you can greatly expand the unsecured credit limit, which is further explained. You can easily apply for a loan through gost.finance at gostFinance.

How do I calculate my loan amount?

When calculating a loan, go through the various checks, however when you are a first time customer you will have limited approval of the quantities. The exact loan amount you qualify for an unsecured loan depends on a number of variable factors. We look at your personal information such as your credit history, employment history, and place of employment to determine the credit limits applicable to you. The unsecured loan amount is entirely at the discretion of your chosen financial institution. The customer also goes through an internal scoring system that performs several third-party checks to help assess your creditworthiness. Companies sometimes use automated and human access. Some companies have verification teams that assess customer creditworthiness.

How do I apply for a mortgage loan?

If you are a regular customer of unsecured loans, you can apply for and obtain a very high amount of unsecured loans. If you have proven to be a good payer and tend to make your payments on time, you will be a valued customer. As a result, the financial institution of your choice is willing to lend you large sums of money because they believe you can repay your unsecured debt. By improving your overall credit history, you may be able to qualify for a larger unsecured loan in a shorter period of time. The whole process depends on you and your discipline in getting and repaying loans on time.

How do I improve my credit score?

Since your utility bills (often) are on the public record, you can improve your credit score by taking a few steps, such as paying on time. Try to reduce your overall debt. If you have a lot of late payments, try to get a personal loan that you can repay later. This is your public image and credit score is very important as it has a public record.


Debt settlement on time or timely credit card payments will greatly contribute to your credit score as it determines what kind of customer you are. People should always be aware of the consequences of not repaying their loans on time and should prioritize doing so as soon as they have repaid their salary or received the expected income. Building a good relationship. Being a lifeguard in the event of a crisis or unforeseen emergency with unsecured lenders has no place for you to turn. At Gost Finance, we are committed to building sustainable, mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Our mission is always to provide access to financial or financial services to the less privileged or bankless communities in the country. We strive for excellence in service and ensure that we serve customers who are in need.

FAQ - Unsecured Loan

How do I get the money

You will receive the money into your bank account that you provided in the application form. Once we transfer the money we will inform you with an SMS.

What can I use the money for❓

It’s up to you how to spend this money. We are helping you with any plan you have in mind to improve your life or to resolve a problem.

Any prerequisites before applying for a loan❓

You won’t need to submit any personal documents. Just have the following details ready when you apply: Personal Information; Your bank account details.

How long does it take to receive the money from the loan application❓

Generally, once your loan is approved upon verification, within 2 hours your money will be credited to your Bank account provided in the application process.

When is my loan due❓

You can check when your loan is due during the application process, or upon approval you will receive an email with the agreement attached which will state the loan due date. If you are still in trouble finding it, you may reach us through our general line or general email for details.