Payment Methods

Now you can easily and easily repay your loan through the channels and repayment networks below. To find out the amount of payment - enter your personal account. Payments made will only be updated during business hours. To find out about the working hours of the company - check the opening hours on the official website.

Online card payment

Online card payment

Internet Banking through Banks/Financial Institutions

  • Sampath Bank
  • HNB Bank
  • Cargills Bank
  • LOLC Finance

Online Payments for free

  • Money will be appeared on our account within few minutes.
  • Totally online 24 hours, no need spends your time to visit any branches.
  • 100% secured! We use banks security certificate.
  • 90% of our customers are using online card payment with 0% of commission!

You can easily make online payments to your bank/financial institution account:

  1. Click on Lender icon
  2. Enter your NIC number
  3. Enter amount and email address
  4. Enter card details

Cargills Food City outlets Sri Lanka Kurana

Transfer through Cargills Food City outlets

You can now easily visit one of many Cargills Foodcity outlets and pay your loan repayment easily and conveniently. Please carefully fill the voucher according to instruction below:

Follow the steps below Cargills FoodCity Outlets

  • Visit any of Cargills Food City outlet
  • Get and fill a Cargills Cash Voucher from the counter
  • Enter your name in the account holder’s Name Field
  • Put Your NIC number as the “Customer Reference Number”
  • Under the name of the Service Provider, mention Name of Lender.
  • For Customer Ref. No - Enter your loan agreement number (include the agreement number consisting of 9 digits which was sent to you via SMS)
  • Enter other details such as Date, Depositors name, address & mobile number
  • Place your signature
  • Enter the amount you wish to pay and submit the voucher along with your money to the counter
  • Pay at any Cargills Food City counter and keep the copy of the payment Confirmation slip
  • Send the slip copy to Lender

You can repay your loan by using Cargills cash voucher at any Cargills Food City Outlet Island wide.

Banks of Sri Lanka

Bank deposit

You can easily make your loan repayments via Bank branches:

  • Sampath Bank,
  • Cargills Bank,
  • HNB Bank,
  • LOLC Finance.

Fill in the Bank deposit slip with the following information and hand it over to the teller with your money:

  • Account Name - “Name Lender”
  • Account Number - XXXXXXXXXXX
  • Your loan agreement number (include the agreement number consisting of 9 digits which was sent to you via SMS)
  • Your National Identity Card number (NIC)
  • The amount you want to pay

You can deposit money to our account by choosing one of the ways:

  • Use your internet bank (Go to "money transfer" section and choose "3rd party account transfer")
  • Use ATM/CDM machines
  • Deposit money at any branch via cashers.


  1. Banks may charge a fee ~30-100 Rs
  2. Please don’t forget write down your NIC number in the "notes" section!

Pay&Go kiosks Sri Lanka

Pay&Go kiosks

You can also repay your loan through a wide network of Pay&Go kiosks. Enter your loan agreement number (include the agreement number consisting of 9 digits which was sent to you via SMS). Enter your mobile number.

NOTE! Without any commission! Please use this link to find the closest kiosk

Pay&Go Online

You can pay your loans online easily through Pay&Go’s website. Visit

  • Select “Finance” from the category
  • Select Name Lender
  • Enter your 9 digit Loan ID on the “Agreement ID” space
  • Enter your mobile number
  • Choose your payment type
  • Enter Amount
  • Enter Email Address
  • Click on Pay